Our Story

“In the law of nature, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

But as humans on this lovely planet, we tend to create things that we’re not able to reuse or recycle. The result: the emersion of completely new, uninhabited continents in throughout the ocean. But why is nobody living there? Because these continents are made of plastic waste! In fact, 8 billion kilos of plastic end up in waterways around the world each year…

That’s about 230kg every second!

The seeds for Just for Terra were planted at the end of 2014, when founder Audrey moved to Australia. There, she saw our human footprint with her own eyes. Being from France, she was hearing about these issues through billboards and documentaries… but she did not know how one woman like her could make an impact. Until she realised, that she had in her little purse, a powerful too… her credit card! So, she decided to pay attention to everything she bought. But it wasn’t easy, she had to make a conscious change. And this change was hard, as there is so much information everywhere, and we can easily get lost in it all.


Frustrated with the lack of clarity and options around plastic alternatives with a genuinely sustainable approach, she decided to stop waiting for companies to notice the demand.

So, she built her own brand and product range.

All of a sudden, the possibility of making a real difference in the world became all Audrey thought about, and she knew she had found her passion.

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